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Choose from a wide range of our Silver earrings and Gold earrings 

Even the best of face makeups feel incomplete without glamming it up with the right pair of earrings.

Our vast range of in house designed Silver earrings and gold earrings give thousands of options to form a great earring designs collection for your physical and/or online store. Our earrings designs are completely customisable using choice of stones including natural gemstones, precious stones, semi-precious gemstones, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanite, diamonds, cubic zirconia or CZ, tourmaline, amethyst, quartz, citrine and many more stone options available with us. 

Jaipur, is the World's biggest precious and semi-precious cutting and polishing city. Our silver jewellery and gold jewellery factory is located in the heart of the special economic export zone of Jaipur, India, giving us an access to all sorts of gemstones rough coming in from various parts of the World, enabling us to offer our clients all sorts of precious and semi-precious gemstones in various shapes and sizes like Pear, Heart, Round, Marquise, Octagon, step cut, Oval cut and so on. 


Our in house earrings designs can also be manufactured using all sorts of lock options like push lock, dog lock, fish lock, hoops, studs and so on. 


You can choose to make silver earrings or gold earrings depending upon your budget and market analysis, along with various plating colour options and plating thicknesses from 1 micron to 2.5 micron Vermeil Gold plating. 


Contact us now for OEM Jewellery manufacturing if you a looking for a reliable Jewellery factory or Jewellery manufacturer in India. Whether you are looking to make silver earrings or gold earrings, we assure the best quality jewellery at competitive prices and timely delivery to all our valuable clients. 

Get in touch with us now to start developing your fresh and new earrings collection with us at the most competitive prices and best quality.    

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